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Thursday 24 November 2011

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Christmas is only 4 weeks away, so whether you're looking tone up and slip into your party dress, or you just want to make some space for that gigantic Christmas dinner, Best Gym Equipment has all the equipment you need

Best Gym Equipment boasts an unrivalled list of top products like Life Fitness, Flabelos, Power plate, Waterrower and many more! So whatever you're looking for, Best Gym Equipment has the product for you!

Commission Bonus CONTINUES for the 3rd Month running!!

Best Gym Equipment are delighted to annouce that the commission bonus is continuing yet again!!

If you make 3+ unit sales on the the following brands, Best Gym Equipment will reward you with an extra 2.5% commission on each of the sales:

  • Life Fitness
  • Sole Fitness
  • WaterRower
  • Power Plate

This is a great opportunity to really earn some top commission so don't miss out and get promoting!

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Don't Forget the ongoing Voucher Code!!

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Best Gym Equipment BEST SELLERS!

Flabelos Vibration Plate FL3000 Commercial - £3,495.00

The all new FLABELOS has been designed to help you shake the flab off!! It works by enhancing your proprioception (instant muscle reaction to external forces) and exploiting the muscles your body uses to balance itself.

The benefits of using the FLABELOS will be improved posture, flexibility, blood circulation and muscle strength. The FLABELOS is compact and is THE machine that will shake you to becoming healthier, fitter and slimmer!

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WaterRower M1 Lo-Rise - £200 OFF!! £1,100.00

Made from a powder coated tubular steel frame, the WaterRower M1 LoRise represents the ultimate in toughness and durablility - ideal for those looking to train intensively. Like all machines in the range, it uses paddles to connect to a moving mass of water, simulating the exercise of rowing on a lake or river.

The WaterRower has been designed as a natural rowing simulator and is unrivalled in replicating not only the superb physiological dynamics of rowing, but much of the aesthetic pleasure as well, giving the calming feel of a boat gliding down the river.

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Power Plate My3 - £1,495.00

The Power Plate my3 is the most affordable way to bring Acceleration Training exercise into any size home or apartment.

No matter how demanding your schedule, you can make room for three 15-minute full-body workouts a week on the upgraded Power Plate my3 machine.

The re-designed PowerPlate my3 brilliantly combines form and function, displaying a distinctly stylish edge. The newly designed face plate will allow you to fully interact with the machine, making it more user-friendly than ever before.

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